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About Us


Wavenet® seeks that our services offer peace of mind and confidence through the fastest and best customer service, technical support, the best technology and a culture oriented towards doing what is right and what is necessary to ensure that peace of mind to all those who use our services. services.

We permanently decide to maintain quality without excuses, always, our reason for existing is to provide fundamental values ​​and principles in all circumstances. All our clients are very important, uptime, availability, speed and reliability are for us the fundamental pillars of technological services, so that technology always fulfills its basic objective, which is to collaborate in the development and improvement of humanity.

We are human beings, who care for and serve human beings above all else; we believe that beyond our highly technological profile, human attention and service vocation is always paramount. Customers first, always.

We deeply believe in customer service as the fundamental value of our services, we trust in innovation and permanent technological updating. Technologies change, but at Wavenet we believe there is only one way to do things: right.


Wavenet® manifesto

For 20 years our goal is to provide services of technological excellence.

Today we take that commitment further.

Cloud is much more than a new way of managing servers, for us it is to provide support so that humanity can access information more and more efficiently.

The only way we know is constant innovation.


The value of a leading company.

We are a leading company in Internet presence services and we seek to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients.


More than 20 years and passion for technology led us to approach work in a different way. We focus on achieving excellence in the quality of the final result.


We exhaustively analyze the cases to understand the challenges and opportunities that are presented to each of our clients, in order to provide personalized attention and the best support.


The size and scale of our company as a leading provider of web hosting services, allows us to have an optimized cost structure to increase the profit and satisfaction of our clients.


Sustainable Philosophy

We assume a total commitment to the environment and that is why we reinvent ourselves.

We restructure our Data Center so that our infrastructure is below minimum heat emissions and electricity consumption.

We are the first partner of the Smart Green initiative of the Dell company.


Why us?

We build with you the digital foundations of your company.

Our passion in helping companies transform.
That is why we work with more efficient technologies and systems.

The key is the combination of:


Expert and personalized attention to all our clients, offering agile answers.


Trust in our highly qualified team.


The most advanced technology in hardware and software and unbeatable connection.


Success stories.

Who do we help in their transformation into the future?

BUE DG Entertainment Festival BUE (Personal Telecom Argentina) us It was an event similar to the Personal Fest, with the presence of almost 50 top-level national and international artists, in 2 days for more than 80000 people. CLARION The Great Phrase Game (Clarín Group) us It is a fun entertainment in which the whole family plays to complete a famous phrase, with the words and names that it receives weekly in the Sunday magazine "Viva". billiken Billiken Magazine "Billiken Club" (Editorial Atlántida) us Billiken Club is the official website of the Magazine, and offers games, news, chats, etc. intended for readers. SPRITE Sprite "The computer warms you" (The Coca-Cola Company) us This promotion was carried out by "The Coca Cola Company", and supported by mass communication campaigns through various TV channels, publicity, newspapers. The action included numerous HP Pavilion Laptops as prizes to the winning participants. Personal Live Personnel (Personal - Telecom Argentina) us Live Personal is the online agenda of events sponsored by the firm. It has contents and details about music shows and international entertainment. COCA COLA Coca Cola "Copa Coca Cola" (The Coca-Cola Company) us The Coca Cola Cup was created in Mexico in 1998, as a national championship for people between 13 and 15 years old. Ten years later, Coca Cola developed this event around the world, transforming it into the dispute of an International Cup. COCA COLA "Connected by a passion" (The Coca-Cola Company) us Coca Cola created on this occasion, a Virtual Soccer tournament through this interactive campaign, in which teams of 4 friends competed to win fabulous prizes. FANTA Fanta "Connection Fanta" (The Coca-Cola Company) us It was aimed at generating a virtual community, in which each user generates connections or "bubbles" (groups or friends). The proposal included blogs with audio and personal photos. It was accompanied by great advertising on TV, and also added an important viral marketing action. BRAHMA Brahma "Good Wave" (Brahma do Brasil) us This action was supported by the mass media, including multiple advertisements on the leading TV programs in audience in Argentina and Latin America. The campaign invited to participate for important prizes for any user who accessed and instantly. CLARION Clarín newspaper "Nómade" (Clarín Group) us "Nómade" is a prominent section of the online Clarín newspaper in which coverage is given to the most important events in extreme sports or adventure. It is accessible from the popular Home of the newspaper. AVATAR Avatar Latin America SA us Avatarla.com has been developing the most important websites in Argentina for 4 years. The Company needed to have an Advanced Webhosting solution that guarantees the best service benefits for its first line Clients. Nokia Trends us Regional action carried out by Nokia through its subsidiaries in Argentina and Brazil. It consisted of the promotion of multitudinous events, in which the brand operated as Official Sponsor of international music shows. In the case of Argentina, the event took place in Mar del Plata, and included in its Line up the presence of the renowned Dj FatBoySlim. TELEPHONE "The world of Gerardo" (Telefónica de Argentina) us This Website was created as a complement to the TV campaign, whose message invited people to participate in numerous interactive content, and included the possibility of viewing commercials already broadcast online. DELOITTE us Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is one of the world's largest professional services firms and one of the Big Four Audit Firms, along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. According to the company's website, it has approximately 165.000 professionals in 140 countries around the world. THE NATION "Club of Readers of the Nation" (Diario La Nación) us It was addressed to the members of the Readers' Club of the newspaper and its magazines. The Website offered a program of significant benefits. MUNOZ DEL TORO us Legal study specialized in the financial market and purchase and sale of companies. COCA COLA us The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational corporation dedicated to the manufacture of food and beverages. Its main product is the eponymous Coca-Cola, the most consumed soft drink in the world. It is one of the largest corporations in the United States and one of the companies that is listed, with the code KO, as part of the Dow Jones index. BNP PARIBAS us BNP Paribas is one of the leading banks in Europe and France. It was created on May 23, 2000 by the merger of the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas. Together with Société Générale and Crédit Lyonnais it forms the so-called group of the three old banks of France. THE GAZETTE La Gaceta newspaper - Tucumán us La Gaceta is the main morning newspaper in the province of Tucumán, Argentina. Founded on August 4, 1912 by Alberto García Hamilton, La Gaceta is recognized nationally for its political, social and cultural influence. It is the newspaper with the largest circulation of the four published in San Miguel de Tucumán, with an average of 60.000 copies from Monday to Friday, 110.000 on Saturdays and 100.000 on Sundays. GILLETTE The Gillette Prestobarba Challenge (The Gillette Company) us A Gillette promotion open to participation by any user. The same was communicated in each media appearance of the brand. FIBERTEL Fibertel "Passion to go down" (Cablevisión Group) us It was created by Grupo Cablevisión, during the Copa América, on the occasion of being the main Sponsor of the event. Personal "Personal Manía" (Personal - Telecom Argentina) us This is one of the most important promotions of the cell phone division of Telecom Argentina. It has constant advertising support from all the mass media. Personal "Personal Fest" (Personal - Telecom Argentina) us Personal Fest is one of the most important international music festivals in Argentina and South America. It was attended by more than 100000 people and was supported by huge mass communication campaigns. Quilmes Quilmes beer us Quilmes is an Argentine beer brand. It was founded by the German immigrant Otto Bemberg in 1888 and receives this name because it was founded in the City of Quilmes, in the homonymous Party of the Province of Buenos Aires. The first beer was drawn in 1890. ITRA ITBA Technological Institute of Buenos Aires us Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires is a private university in Argentina, located in the city of Buenos Aires with the aim of dedicating itself to teaching different specialties in engineering, business and technology. Inspired by the most prestigious technological institutes in the United States, it has nearly 300 professors, more than 1400 students, and around 4000 graduates. The 200 engineers who graduate each year represent 10% of the country.


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